Supercharge Your Microsoft Teams Environment Without the Superhuman Effort

Supercharge Your Microsoft Teams Environment Without the Superhuman Effort

Want users to make and receive external calls, keeping existing numbers, whilst retaining all the phone system features you need?

Want a Cost-Effective Alternative to Microsoft Teams Calling Plans?

Want a fully integrated solution connecting to the heart of Microsoft Teams; not slow, clunky, 3rd party apps or Chrome Plug-Ins?

Worried about Security and Compliance whilst enabling your users to Work From Anywhere?

Want simple, fast, set-up and on-going management?

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Watch the videos below and download the eBooks to see how 8×8 Voice Integrations can benefit your organisation.

Watch the videos below and download the eBooks to see how 8×8 Voice Integrations can benefit your organisation.

Intro videos to 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams and it’s native Salesforce integrations.

8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams

Desktop Experience

Voice for Microsoft Teams

Integration with Salesforce

Connect Everywhere – eBook series: Better Voice Communications for Microsoft Teams

Don't settle for app/bot-switching to bring people and productivity together.
Learn how to supercharge Teams and other apps with integrated global voice communications capabilities.

Operate From Anywhere – eBook series: The Next Evolution of Remote Work

In 2020, we learned that remote work is no longer a nice-to-have perk – it is an operational pillar that enables employees to serve customers, generate revenue, reduce costs, and innovate at any time from anywhere using any device. This essential 8 part guide will provide you with valuable insights to accelerate your organisation's shift to Operate From Anywhere.

Download the 8 x 8 Voice for Microsoft Teams eBook.

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8 x 8 Voice for Microsoft Teams is a secure compliant feature-rich voice service to empower your MS Teams users

Deployed in the cloud, 8×8 Voice for Teams provides Microsoft Teams Calling via Direct Routing for your MS Teams interface; leveraging over 15 years of security, compliance and functionality.

How Does This Help My Business?

• Microsoft Teams Integration for Business makes using MS Teams simple
• Cost-Effective Against Microsoft Teams Calling Plans
• Why settle for Clunky App/Bot-Switching to bring your people and productivity together?
• Retain Phone System features; enjoy them via the MS Teams interface
• Accelerate culture shift/user adoption – Embed true voice services inside MS Teams
• Hybrid – Don't want costs of MS Licenses for Teams Calling? No problem, we have an app for that!
• Diversity – Why have all your eggs in Microsoft's basket? 41 Outages in the first half of last year!
• Simplicity – 3 Simple Steps for Set Up in Minutes: Enable > Connect > Sync
• 99.9986% Uptime and NO Outages
• No Bots or Chrome Plug-ins – Ensure Security & Compliance
• No SBCs, No PowerShell commands – Simple Embedded Teams Calling Integration
• Flexible Teams Calling Plans specific to each user – not the same plan for all users
• Fully Managed Design, Deployment + Support from a Technology Partner with 20+ years experience
• Responsive ‘High-Touch’ UK Based Support Team
• Superior Functionality to Zoom, Fuze, Ring Central or Microsoft
• Global Reach – Worldwide Support across 150+ Countries
• 9 Time Gartner Winner. A Recognised Industry Leader

What Other Benefits Are There?

• Native Contact/Call Centre Integration
• Fully Embedded CRM Integration
• Native Integration with Microsoft Teams Phone System
• Powerful AI and Voice Analysis
• Comprehensive Call Analytics and Reporting Capabilities

SynergyPlus provide Voice and Data solution advice, deployment and support for UK and global businesses. We bring award winning enterprise level experience and offer independent advice. We blend into your culture, working in partnership with your internal team. Simplifying, the design, procurement, implementation and management of your Voice and Data Communications.

In the Voice over IP (VoIP) market since 2004, early adopters of BT IP Voice Services and UK trialists for BT's WHC platform; SynergyPlus has over 20 years track record of success and innovation in Voice and Data, including native integration of Microsoft Teams with our global partner 8×8. We support Legacy, Cloud and Digital Transformation Technologies, enabling us to help you extend your organisation's internal capability.

Working with leading network partners, SynergyPlus offer a single point of contact for enterprise level multi-sourcing opportunities. Ones that are rarely available as a managed service to small and medium sized firms.

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