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Cloud & Productivity

We believe there’s a synergy between the right technology and better business performance. That’s why we combine the right expertise and years of experience in delivering cloud and productivity tools, to better support businesses by making them even more effective. Together we can lower costs and provide the flexibility to scale when the time suits.

Man pointing at notes in office and hand with icons
Man pointing at notes in office and hand with icons

Cloud & Productivity

We believe there’s a synergy between the right technology and better business performance. That’s why we combine the right expertise and years of experience in delivering cloud and productivity tools, to better support businesses by making them even more effective. Together we can lower costs and provide the flexibility to scale when the time suits.

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Improving the ability to work flexibly

We provide a single point of responsibility and respond to any day-to-day technical issues with pragmatic, cost-effective solutions. We take care of the immediate technical tactical requirements as well as planning for long term strategy. This enables company leaders to focus on growing their business.

No matter what the size, or where a business is on its technology journey, from one-off projects that can be as simple as migrating your current on-premises email solution to the cloud, through to building an entirely new technology infrastructure, Synergy can offer you exceptional support to suit a range of needs and budgets. We provide a service that can reduce reliance on physical on-premises solutions, improving the ability to work flexibly from anywhere whilst also enhancing the security and reliability of your company’s infrastructure and data.

Adapting businesses’ modern needs and flexible working

As the need for a distributed workforce grows, technology infrastructure becomes a critical factor in maximising a business’s profitability. Cloud and productivity solutions enables a business to better support their team and open the doors to fishing for talent in a larger wider pool, in the UK or further afield.

Without viable cloud and productivity options, it can lead to unproductive staff through slow, disconnected equipment that’s simply not fit for purpose.

To support a more inclusive workplace and improve accessibility, there are a range of tools that enable a new world of talent with vision, hearing, learning, neurodiversity, and mobility challenges to bring their energy and experience to a modern workplace.

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Cloud solutions

Cloud technologies have been around for over a decade and have had hundreds of billions of pounds spent on their development, yet many businesses still have no awareness of what the cloud can bring to the table for their business. Without this awareness, there can be no effective planning and without planning your business is operating at reduced efficiency. The longer this continues the further behind your business gets when compared to your competitors. Secure, compliant, fast, agile and easy to use cloud solutions can provide everything a business needs for a modern workplace. Eliminate large capital expenditures by spreading these costs over a set period at a fixed monthly cost. Cloud can deliver solutions to fit your needs, rather than accepting one size fits all legacy approach. Synergy can work with you to plan and support the right solution for today and tomorrow.

We deliver an elegant solution designed for the unique needs of your business.

Cloud infrastructure

A cloud platform that grows as a business does

With a scalable cloud infrastructure solution, Synergy primarily utilises Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 platforms to deliver cloud solutions. This allows us to support all your business’s computing and application requirements and benefit from flexible pricing and features.

Whether businesses are looking to move existing on-premises servers to the cloud or are building new solutions, a cloud infrastructure solution offers power and reliability with fixed prices, perfect for small to medium-sized businesses.

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A cloud solution is not just a server in someone else’s data centre it’s also applications and services with thousands of third-party productivity tools all running in an environment that incorporates enterprise grade security, redundancy, and scalability.

With collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, there are many options available to better enable business productivity. Microsoft Teams Connect will enable users to share channels in Microsoft Teams across multiple organisations. And now with new initiatives such as the Metaverse, there are solutions, for the coming of the next internet, through a productivity & creativity focus.

Microsoft Azure isn’t just a cloud infrastructure. It’s a complete ecosystem, blending Microsoft’s range of cloud-based applications and services with others from thousands of third-party providers. Azure also hosts next-generation technologies like AI and blockchain, giving customers access to cutting-edge options that they wouldn’t have the resources to develop themselves.

Key features of Azure

Enhanced scalability
Microsoft Azure offers a pay-as-you-go service and can be quickly adjusted according to the capacity of your business needs and environment. This makes it a convenient solution for many businesses that fluctuate in size.

Secure and compliant
Benefit from Microsoft’s global security and compliance experience.

A clear migration path from existing environments
Switching to Azure is a well-established easy process and Synergy are on hand to help every step of the way.

Distributed Workforce
Remote work from anywhere, freeing users from the office network. It also empowers your business to recruit the best possible talent – no longer are you bound to the local town, county or area – now you can cast your net further: the whole of the UK, Europe or further afield.

Reduced and Flexible costs
No upfront hardware costs, a fixed monthly operating price and the flexibility to manage your expenditure by scaling your cloud infrastructure.

Key features of Microsoft 365

Office applications
Microsoft 365 comes with all the apps that users like and understand which negates the need for additional training.

Real Time Co-Authoring
Office 365 allows you to collaborate online and see changes your team makes to shared documents in real time.

Microsoft Teams
The perfect tool for groups to communicate, collaborate and exchange information using real-time chat.

SharePoint Online
Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organisation.

Threat analytics
Advanced Threat Analytics analyses user behaviour and trends to minimise the risk of malicious actions from 3rd party actors.

Search content across Exchange, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive data that can be used as evidence in legal cases.

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The Synergy Touch

Azure Managed Services by Synergy is a top-to-bottom cloud-based administration service including monitoring, maintenance, and support. Clients can hand off the management of customer Azure instances to a dedicated team of expert professionals who will take a proactive approach to cloud operations.

Key features

  • Advanced monitoring – Watches services running on Azure at multiple levels, checking the health of the operating system, the applications, and the cloud infrastructure itself
  • Patch management – Taking a stressful software maintenance burden away from our partners. The customer can control patch schedules
  • Performance troubleshooting – When technical issues arise our technical team is ready to get to the bottom of the problem. 24×7 support to analyse and fix problems no matter when they occur
  • Comprehensive reporting – Monthly reports on availability, security, and performance to make improvement recommendations that can constantly optimise the experience

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Voice Integrations by 8×8 to benefit your business

8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams provides enterprise-grade phone system functionality with global PSTN connectivity to customers that want to retain Microsoft Teams as their sole collaboration interface. Facilitating secure, compliant, feature-rich collaboration and communication from anywhere on any device.

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How Synergy supported Key Currency in making £700m of FX transactions

“Over the past 12 months, Key Currency have transacted over £700 million of foreign exchange in 39 different currencies. Synergy, as a key partner, have played a big part in that achievement.”

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