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As experts in Customer Experience, we understand the requirements of your customers and business challenges that you face.

Did you know that in a recent global study, Companies have said that they have overwhelmingly they have improved their customer experience, whilst a study of customers stated that the level of customer service has declined over the same period!

Synergy’s custom-built Customer Experience Health Checks provide an independent and objective report on how you can cost effectively improve customer experiences

Be the best in class in your sector — take action now, before it is too late!

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Customer Experience Health Check

By highlighting tactical and strategic recommendations, we can advise on where to invest over the next 12-18-24 months. We build business cases that ensure that the adoption of new practices and technology, deliver tangible improvements in the way that you engage with your customers, whilst ensuring that the return on investment is assured.

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Sleep soundly knowing you are protected with our comprehensive Cyber Health Check.

As experts in IT and Cyber Security, we understand the risks you face.

Synergy’s custom-built IT and Cyber Health Checks provide an independent, objective, report on the IT/Cyber posture of your business, highlighting potential issues to remedy today, or where to invest over the next 12-18-24 months; a carefully crafted combination of our successful IT Health Check, with the requirements of Cyber Essentials and the UK’s leading Cyber Insurance Underwriters.

Don’t wait for a breach to occur — take action now, before it is too late!

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Book in your Free Cyber Health Check to see how you can reduce Cyber insurance premiums whilst highlighting gaps in your Cyber posture.

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Why take our FREE Customer Experience Health Check?

Uncovers Opportunities:
Our skilled team will thoroughly analyse your systems and processes, identifying potential areas for improvement. We identify quick wins and also more strategic recommendations that provide the platform for the future.

Consultant Empowerment:
Being an consultant is a tough job! By giving the agents the right tools, they can ensure that when they interact with you customers via any channel, they will deliver the outcomes that the business needs.

No More Silo’s of Technology:
Integrated applications and technology enable a 360-degree view of your customers. Reduce customer frustration and improve agent productivity.

Integrating AI:
This has been the “buzzword” for the last year or so. However, most companies are unsure what types of AI to deploy, how to deploy it and when it should be used. By analysing your operation and profiling your customers, we can advise on the best approach, which will always be underwritten by a robust business case.

We’ll provide an independent, objective, report on where automation may improve the productivity of your CX teams and enable you to do more with the same.

Self Service:
Driving self-serve has long been the approach for many organisations. However, if this is not done correctly, this leads to customer frustration poor experiences. We provide a report on how effective your self-serve options are and identify weaknesses that should be addressed.

Deployment Approach:
We can advise on how best to approach and manage projects, ensuring they deliver the business benefits.

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Be The Benchmark for Delivering World Class Customer Experiences:

Ensure your customers never want to look at your competition, by making them advocates of your business.

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Why Synergy?

SynergyGroup was established based on a foundation of better collaboration between clients, best of breed third-party providers, and a dedicated expert team.

With over 30 years experience, we continue to provide high-quality independent advice, with a range of tailored products and services that are delivered to enable businesses to develop and grow. Together we can help identify future needs and objectives, advising on how businesses can improve and deliver on their objectives with the effective use of technology maximising the competitive advantage a Distributed and Inclusive Workforce can afford a growing business.

Businesses we help

How Synergy partnered with Elite Leaders

“I am really pleased to say the Synergy engineers were friendly, polite and made everyone feel relaxed with the migration; they took time with each member of the team to explain what they were doing, why they were doing it and how long it might take. They were also flexible in that if an urgent matter had to be attended to, they would come back later to finish the job off. The migration went smoothly, all the team were very happy and it was as seamless and frictionless as it could be!

We are delighted to recommend SynergyGroup to all Elite Partners and businesses we advise.”

Sid Barnes, CEO and Co Owner, Elite Leaders

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