IT Health Check

Reduce overheads & complexity of pre-existing infrastructure

IT Health Check

Reduce overheads &
complexity of pre-existing

Moving services
into the cloud

When it comes to IT and Security, we know that with any technology solution there will be challenges along the way, it’s why we believe there’s a synergy to the way we deal with these issues and the continuing trust clients place in us.

As Your Technology Partner, we are currently seeing a continuation of rapid adoption and growth of businesses moving their services into the cloud.

Some of the biggest trends happening in the world at the moment in the cloud-space are linked to:
– Increases in Sustainability
– Hybrid working
– AI
– Rise of Severless

To help support your business in reducing its overheads and reducing the complexity of your pre-existing infrastructure, we at Synergy are providing a FREE IT Health Check, to help give you and your business an indication of where you are currently on your cloud journey.

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We’ll analyse your existing set up with you business needs and provide you with our recommended solution.

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Addressing business owner concerns

Our FREE IT Health Checks have already proven to be a success at addressing business owner concerns such as:

  • Readiness to tackle Cyber Essentials accreditation.
  • Tech Stack investment – “Ferrari down a dirt-track” or will the UX yield results?
  • Resolving “the IT is sh*t” culture within their business.
  • Removing IT “excuses” for poor performance.
  • Resolving call quality issues.
  • Worrying that IT would fail due diligence when business is sold.
  • Mitigating Cyber Security threat and supporting Cyber Security insurance.
  • Wanting to ensure their investment in Tech Stack produces expected ROI.
  • Perennial favourite – proving who downloaded, what, when, and how (either to catch before a consultant leaves or support court cases) and lost data/emails maliciously or accidentally.
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Aligned with your businesses objectives

Whether it is just a sanity check of your current infrastructure or perhaps you are looking to scale-up and grow your operations into new territories – this type of health check is a must!

We will align ourselves with your businesses key objectives and growth plans so that once you have had your Health Check completed, we will provide a roadmap on how to improve your score and ultimately achieve your goals by moving your services into the cloud.

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Why Synergy?

SynergyGroup was established based on a foundation of better collaboration between clients, best of breed third-party providers, and a dedicated expert team.

With over 30 years experience, we continue to provide high-quality independent advice, with a range of tailored products and services that are delivered to enable businesses to develop and grow. Together we can help identify future needs and objectives, advising on how businesses can improve and deliver on their objectives with the effective use of technology maximising the competitive advantage a Distributed and Inclusive Workforce can afford a growing business.

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Key Currency work collaboratively with Synergy to support delivery of our long-term business’s goals. As a money transfer service, it’s essential that our technology platform is robust, secure and useable for our clients; if we fail on any of these counts they’ll just take their business elsewhere.

“Over the past 12 months, Key Currency have transacted over £700 million of foreign exchange in 39 different currencies. Synergy, as a key partner, have played a big part in that achievement.”

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Who we’ve
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Your Technology Partner
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Your Technology Partner
Call us today on
020 3551 7773