Your Technology Partner Round-Up for July 2023

At SynergyGroup, we are producing a monthly Hot-Topics post to keep you in the loop with what we are discussing with a range of business owners alongside what challenges these business owners are facing.

July Hot Topics

Synergy’s FREE Cyber Health Check:
Objectively understand your agency’s Cyber posture and save on your Cyber Insurance premiums.

Managing the current Financial Climate:
Ways in which to optimise company Technology Setup to create efficiency and productivity in a tough economy

Entering the US Market:
Recruitment leaders looking to capture excess revenue by jumping into the largest recruitment market in the world. Either by branching out to the US geographically or working the US market from the UK office – We recommend working with PGC when entering the US Market.

Top Biller:
Identify uncharacteristic behaviour being exhibited before they leave your business

Supply Chain Cyber Attacks:
Gaining awareness of supply chain Cyber Attacks

Cyber Insurance Premiums:
Cyber Security Insurance premiums increasing or recruitment agencies struggling to access Cyber Insurance Premiums full-stop!

OFFER – FREE Cyber Security Health Check

Watch out for the launch of Synergy’s enhanced Cyber Security Health Check which is a carefully crafted combination of our successful IT Health Check, with the requirements of Cyber Essentials and the UK’s leading Cyber Insurance Underwriters.

Why Take SynergyGroup’s Free Cyber Health Check?

-Uncovers Vulnerabilities

-Safeguards Reputation

-Provides Access to Cyber Insurance Premiums

-Mitigates Threats

-Demonstrates Compliance


‘Double Play’ Cyber Security Package Collaboration with ReelMeIn!
We’re excited to unveil the ReelMeIn Collaboration, a cutting-edge partnership aimed at revolutionising your business’s digital security. Introducing the Ultimate Cyber Security Package, including a complimentary health check and an exclusive 30-day trial of ReelMeIn’s Cyber Security Awareness Training. Safeguard your business from potential threats and vulnerabilities while embracing the ultimate cyber adventure. Act swiftly as the Double Play Cyber Security Package for businesses has limited remaining spots and is set to conclude in September.

Celebrating Team Work – Meet The Team | Jehan Tajik

Behind every successful customer interaction is a dedicated individual like Jehan, our exceptional Service Desk Technician at SynergyGroup. Jehan shares what he loves about working at SynergyGroup and the confidence and experience he gains from one of our directors Kayle Borchard in particular. With a passion for providing top-notch customer service, Jehan embodies the human touch that sets us apart. Our commitment to genuine care shines through, as we believe in real connections, not just automated responses.

There’s a Synergy between
better technology and growth