Below we discuss from of the common frustrations when working from home.

We can’t extend your house to give you an office space, force you to turn off your distractions or take you out for lunch but we can provide a complete solution for your communication & collaboration needs. From video conferencing on your tablet to a phone call on your mobile or instant messaging whilst making a coffee, we will manage it all and seamlessly integrate it into your daily life to ensure that you can communicate as effectively as you did in the office (whilst sat on the balcony).

Adequate space
If you have a spare room, garage space or even a garden then you can create a space where you go to each day and work from. This should help with productivity and enable you to clock in and clock out, then return to the rest of your home as you normally would do after a day in the office without blurring everything into one space.

Not having a comfortable chair, a desk or table or a well-lit room will all effect your comfort when working from home. This in turn cause back pain, pain in your joints and headaches. It’s well worth investing in having these essentials in place.

Internet issues
The days of dial up may feel like a million lifetimes ago, but in the current climate Internet outages have been reported far and wide. In the middle of a video call? Work in a customer service environment where you answer online chat issues? These outages can cause a huge disruption to your day.

Lack of comradery
One key benefit of being in the office is the team environment, the colleagues who help when you need to bounce ideas off someone or collaborate on a project. This is key to having a positive output and keeping your business functioning at an optimum level.

You need to be able to reach out to your colleagues instantly. You need to have them there at the touch of a button throughout your whole working day be it for a conference or for some human interaction. You also need something that works across all of your and your colleagues devices. Your accounts team will relish less bills coming through if you can use just one platform that caters to all of these communication needs.

Switch them off! One of the worst things about working from home is that you have so many distractions. Some daily distractions in the current climate will be unavoidable – children, pets, other people you are in lock down with. But schedule your day – let your children know that at lunchtime you will sit and play that game with them. Switch off what’s avoidable such as the TV and focus like you would in the office.

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