SynergyPlus are delighted to be able to sponsor YouView’s entry in this year’s UK Challenge event in Dartmoor as the hybrid TV platform raises money for their new Charity of the Year, St Mungo’s.

St Mungo’s are the leading organisation in London and the South East that gives support to homeless and vulnerable people, working in some of the busiest areas to find people who are sleeping rough, providing safe housing and the means to a healthier, much more stable life away from the streets.

YouView is proud to have partnered with St Mungo’s and are delighted SynergyPlus are able to support their fundraising activities for a 3rd consecutive year.

The UK Challenge isn’t your average run-of-the-mill event – it’s an extreme endurance event that has been specifically designed to force participants to operate outside of their comfort zones in extremely challenging circumstances.

70 teams each consisting of 6 people, will compete over 3 days and nights testing their physical and mental strength. Missions could involve navigating through forest by torch light, kayaking through wide open lakes or off-road cycling through woodland trails, all in a bid to reach checkpoints where teams will have to solve puzzles and decipher codes.

Fitness is not enough, those taking part will need patience, strategy, humility, leadership, intelligence, compassion but most of all teamwork.

If you are able to help support this fantastic cause, no matter how small the amount, whether as an individual or a company, your contribution will be greatly appreciated. The following is a link to YouView’s Fundraising Page (2016/17)