Keeping Microsoft Teams at the centre of your employees’ user experience gives them a consistent experience they are accustomed to when making calls.

We’re pleased to bring you our ebook all about our service adding Voice to Teams here!

8×8 UK Voice for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based integration with your Microsoft Phone System. It’s effective whether you are making calls to customers, partners. or co-workers who don’t use Teams (gasp!) as well as those that do.

Since posting that 8×8’s native integration with Teams is a ‘game changer’, lots of other products suggesting to offer the same (similar) service have been launched or are being heavily promoted.

However, before you make a decision, please bear the following in mind.

The 8×8 integration is fully native with Microsoft Teams; no awkward/clunky Apps, Bots or extensions, no installation of an SBC service, no putting your life/business in the hands of Microsoft or Fred-in-the-shed who has built his own service.

This service is a global telephony platform that powers Microsoft Teams, handling all PSTN communications for Teams users; with simple and fast admin management for your IT Team…no time consuming, complex, PowerShell scripts; keeping TCO low.

It is a complementary solution to Microsoft Teams with no changes required to the Teams user experience to make and receive calls via 8×8. No training required promoting a very high user adoption rate; if users would prefer a handset or use a CRM we can support that too.

If you want to get more from your Microsoft Teams experience, or have started to investigate Direct Routing options please do get in touch or click on the link to be connected to our e-book.