Need ideas to bring some fun into your team culture?

Here are light-hearted employee activities from our ebook ‘Best Practices for Connecting a Remote Workforce’ you can roll out right now:

Music Monday: Invite team members to create and share a playlist that showcases their favourite decade of music. Have everyone vote on the best playlists and offer up prizes for the winners.

Throwback Thursday: Invite team members to dress in fashion from their favourite decade at home for your video meetings. Take a vote and crown winners for a few decades.

The ‘ReFace’ app is also great fun – you can upload a selfie and appear in iconic movies – great for sharing with your colleagues online!

And another that will need to wait until restrictions are lifted:

Transformation Tuesday: Make a difference together! Plan a volunteer outing that office and remote employees can participate in together. Bonus points if you choose a volunteer theme that unites everyone or aligns with your company mission. Ex: fighting hunger, literacy, etc.

For more tips on connecting a remote workforce, hit the link above to download your ebook.