Time to get started.

Time to get started.

Seize the opportunity.

In the work-from-anywhere world, there’s real opportunity to streamline communications, connect employees with the world, and improve productivity. For organizations that rely on Microsoft Teams, seizing this opportunity is easier, and more affordable, than you think.

Here are some key insights we’ve covered as we explored voice services for Microsoft Teams.

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Ubiquitous, seamless communications tools have gone from nice-to-have to business-critical. Forward-thinking organizations are rolling out work-from-anywhere strategies that acknowledge the importance of convenience, context, and speed of communications. For Microsoft Teams customers, this means minimizing the cognitive burden of switching between apps and integrating internal and external communications in the apps people already use.

When it comes to providing voice services for Microsoft Teams, convenience is king and context is queen. The trick, however, is making sure you get the best of both by using the Microsoft Teams dialer your users are familiar with, combined with direct routing-based phone services.

While you might hope that Microsoft offers robust, flexible voice services for MS Teams, the reality is that Microsoft just doesn’t have the quality and flexibility in voice services that most organizations want or need.

8×8 is currently the only vendor that provides both ease of use in a voice solution, combined with ease of deployment and administration.

Not only do we at 8×8 think that tightly integrating and embedding 8×8 Voice services into Microsoft Teams is a good idea, but we surveyed a number of people and they believe we have hit the nail on the head with exactly the right voice solution for today’s market.

8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams

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