Set it and forget it.

Set it and forget it.

Supercharge Teams without a superhuman effort.

We know app switching is a leading productivity killer. Direct routing is the best way to save your Microsoft Teams users from app switching, but it often adds more deployment complexity than it saves. This is true only if you decide to do it yourself. To properly handle voice services, you have to hook directly into the Teams Dialpad and handle ring groups, call queues and call transfers.

Fortunately, 8×8 does exactly that. In fact, we’ve automated so much of the process that it can be completed in three straightforward steps as shown in the video below. Don’t assume supercharging your Microsoft Teams environment requires a superhuman effort. Contact us to learn more about this integration.

Download and read Chapter 6 of our eBook for more information.

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Step 1: Enable.

First, navigate to your 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams login, and click on “Enable Sync”. You will then be asked to authenticate your Office 365 login.

This simple step connects 8×8 to Microsoft Teams so they can start talking to each other.

Step 2: Connect.

Next, enter your PBX information to establish the connection between Microsoft Teams and 8×8. Customers frequently get stuck here because they assume that they have to preconfigure their Teams users to use voice services when in fact, 8×8 automates that process for you. You just enter the country, state or province, and the SIP domain and then click “Add PBX”.

Step 3: Sync.

Finally, the system uses the unique email address of the Microsoft Teams users to link them to their identity on 8×8. All you have to do is add individual users, or select all users, or you can also import a list of users from a spreadsheet if you have a subset of users who need voice access.

Once you have chosen your users, you ask the system to synchronize users on both systems and wait for the synchronization process to complete. When the matching indicators turn green, users can start making calls right from the native dialer in their Microsoft Teams app, on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Improving how your Microsoft Teams users communicate couldn’t possibly get any easier than 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams. Complete the Contact Us form to download your eBook today to learn more.

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