Real-world success

Real-world success

The Challenge
A global transportation company is headquartered in London. Employees use Microsoft Teams to speed international collaboration between employees, partners, and customers. Employees share files on the go, stay up-to-speed using chat, and connect face-to-face with one-click video calls—all to support and respond to dynamic customer needs.

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Company leaders saw an opportunity to connect staff with third-party transport agencies and partners worldwide, leveraging their existing investment in training their employees to use Teams to communicate. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not provide a calling plan that could meet their needs to be able to call customers and partners in the 120+ regions where their customers operate.

The company decided to seek out a third-party telephony provider for Teams to handle local and national numbers and calling services.

The Requirements.

As a global business, they required a single-vendor telephony provider, offering a one-stop shop for number porting, provisioning users, a single bill, local support, accessible across all their international operations. Most importantly, a native Teams user experience was vital for their users. They had already invested quite a bit in Teams and in training their employees to use it. Training them to use a separate dialer, where they might have to copy and paste phone numbers, or <alt-tab> between applications constantly, was a non-starter. They wanted a seamless user experience.

Improved responsiveness helps manage customer expectations.

The customer was an early adopter of the 8×8 Voice for Teams solution and uses the product to communicate with many different agencies and partners globally, securing efficient transport of cargo to their destinations. Their staff are in daily contact with internal and external offices, transport authorities, and clients to coordinate the most economical transportation routes.

With 8×8 Voice for Teams, they can now connect a client in Malta, a sales manager in Chile, and a rail operator in Malaysia, all using 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams directly from the Teams interface to discuss transport routes, delivery lead times or status of shipments. Direct voice routing for Teams provides the flexibility their business needed. Now, their Teams users can make any number of calls, to any destination with full PSTN telephony replacement in 38 countries. They can use existing phone numbers ported to 8×8, or get new phone numbers including national, local, and non-geographic numbers.

By improving responsiveness to customers and ensuring accurate on-time pick up and delivery, this international transportation organization is able to maintain strong customer relationships while minimizing any disruption to how their employees work, thanks to the easy implementation and use of 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams.

8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams.

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