8×8 Intelligent Customer Assistant Is Your New Conversational AI Partner

Create better, smarter omnichannel self-service experiences.

Lower Operations Costs: Simple admin and tuning tools so can save in these areas

Connect With Ease: There are 50+ integrations for faster deployments

Reduce Dependency on IT: Use graphical, click add scripting to design and manage customer experiences

Delight your Customers: End-to-End automation means higher first contact resolution for faster service

Powerful AI at your fingertips

Design, manage and tune self-service journeys all with simple clicks and easy navigation by:

Instantly accessing engaging conversations direct CRM sync for highly personalised experiences.

Go above and beyond your average, basic chatbot to deliver positive experiences as consumers are able to resolve issues quickly.

Smooth transitions for hand-offs across channels and departments with specialised bots or live agents.

Effortless engagement as conversational AI delivers human-like interactions helping to reduce customer friction.

Intelligent Self-Service Built With The End In Mind

Your Technology Partner
Call us today on 020 3551 7773

Your Technology Partner
Call us today on
020 3551 7773