8×8 Microsoft Teams native integration with Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful CRM tool that can help your team manage and track customer interactions and data. But did you know that 8×8 has a native integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Teams that allow you to manage your team’s interactions and data?

One of the most vital aspects of success in today’s market is managing your sales flow and information distribution so you can be more efficient than ever before – which means finding ways to integrate with other software programs like Microsoft Teams or Salesforce if they are relevant depending on what needs arise from customers during an individual sale cycle! These integration opportunities could improve your lead generation and sales cycle by improving communication between team members while also making sure that all customer interactions stay organised within a single system instead of falling through the cracks across different platforms.

Some benefits of integrating Teams with Salesforce include centralised customer data, improved communication between sales and marketing teams, and increased productivity.

See the video below to discover how you can use the 8×8 native integration for Salesforce with Microsoft teams.

Some benefits of using the 8×8 integration with Teams and Salesforce include:

  • Centralised customer data
  • Improved communication between sales and marketing teams
  • Increased productivity
  • Customised reports and dashboards

8×8 offers a powerful combination to help sales teams stay connected and productive. By integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Teams, you can bring Salesforce data directly to users on their desktop and mobile devices. This allows participants in chats or channels to mention Salesforce records directly to provide information about a contact, lead, opportunity, account, or case. Additionally, members of Teams’ channels with access to Salesforce can view more record details without leaving Teams.

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