Transform your Customer Experience with 8×8

If you’re looking to improve your business results, customer experience should be a top priority. A recent study by Forrester found that increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can lead to increases in profits of up to 95%. So how do you create a great customer experience?

It all starts with understanding what your customers want and need. Then, using that information to design a customer-centric experience that delivers on those needs.

Customer experience is crucial to maintaining satisfaction levels, increasing loyalty and reducing churn. By definition, customer experience is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a brand, from pre-purchase research to post-purchase follow-up. So is crucial to have an integrated solution that will centralise data and customer interactions in one place to make each contact a good experience.

A positive customer experience can encourage customers to buy more, recommend a brand to others and provide valuable feedback that can help businesses improve their products and services. Conversely, a negative customer experience can damage a brand’s reputation, decrease customer satisfaction and lead to customers taking their business elsewhere and deter potential customers from ever doing business with the brand.

In today’s competitive marketplace, providing a good customer experience is essential to any company and the contact centre is the main channel where the customer has the opportunity to create its perception of the company.

Making sure that your team is equipped with the right tools to deliver on that experience is critical. To provide superior customer service, quality teams must have the ability to quickly and accurately identify what issues customers may be experiencing.

This can only happen with an integrated solution, which provides agents holistic visibility into every aspect of their client’s life cycle for them to make better decisions on first contact. So as not only increase satisfaction but also reduce costs associated with unresolved customer issues and complaints.
By identifying and addressing pain points in the customer journey, companies can create a better overall experience that will lead to improved satisfaction and loyalty.

It is crucial to constantly monitor the customer experience and make necessary changes to maintain high satisfaction levels. Creating a good customer experience requires attention to detail and a commitment to meeting the customer’s needs. When done right, the benefits of providing a good customer can be measured by measuring satisfaction KPIs like NPS.

Discover how the 8×8 Contact Centre can enhance your operation with a powerful AI solution.

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