A PWC survey found that 86% of consumers are willing to spend more to have a great customer experience. Does your business have the right tech to provide that brilliant service? Are your phone systems and servers up to the job?

As businesses seek to take advantage of the post-Covid bounce-back, will customers be happy being stuck in lengthy call queues with automated messages droning on about ‘Unprecedented Times’ – we accepted this in April 2020, but a year later?

We don’t think so – if your tech is still hiding behind ‘Unprecedented Times’ you might find customers choose someone else to work with. Only a tiny proportion of DISsatisfied customers will take the time to complain! The others just sail off into the distance…

Interesting to see how the effective use of AI-enabled contact centre technologies demonstrate clear improvements in customer retention, customer satisfaction scores and customer effort scores (how much effort the customer needed to put in to get a resolution); along with increasingly more customers preferring a self-service model as opposed to direct interaction – up from 48% in 2020 to a predicted 85% in 2022 (according to Gartner).

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