With IT security being an integral part of the new GDPR regulations. SynergyGroup are able to offer a comprehensive IT security audit. Our experts can evaluate your existing security practices to determine if it meets your security policy requirements.

A SynergyGroup IT Security Audit can identify risks from unsecured mobile devices, establish what users have elevated permissions, advise on limiting exposure to ransomware and malware and investigate that not only is your data secure but that it is also adequately protected.

SynergyGroup can also perform an in depth risk analysis on your perimeter defences, providing a detailed report along with security training for all staff, ensuring that everyone within your organisation is aware of the security requirements to ensure GDPR compliance.

A SynergyGroup IT Security Audit includes the following:

Network Access
– Firewall
– Wireless
– Internal Domain
– Network Access control
– Password policy
– Users – starters/leavers process
– Physical Access control
– Remote Access

– Process – local/cloud
– Data – location
– Data encrypted?
– Retention
– Access to backups

External USB devices
– Allowed/Restricted?
– Encrypted

Mobile Devices
– Laptop encryption
– Phones

– Approval for install to network
– Approval for updates
– Rollback options for changes/knock on effects
– Cloud data – location

Malware protection
– Software/Versions/Updates

Indicative Investment:
SynergyGroup offer a range of modular solutions to support your GDPR and Cybersecurity requirements. These can be enhanced with our comprehensive Malware/Ransomware training and awareness programme. You can choose any combination to suit your needs or current level of preparedness.

SynergyGroup Pricing*

GDPR Audit

Cybersecurity Test

Malware/Ransomware Training

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*This example is based on a per day per site basis. Please call or email one of our team for a personalised quotation.